Plantain GranolaBy SusanGranola. Also known as a ‘step up’ from porridge.. with a crunch. It’s a worldwide breakfast fave for those who like to start the day the healthy way. I’m not ashamed to say that granola boxes used to be a staple in my weekly shop. Forget bowls, more like: Box. Hand. Mouth. In that order! But one day, I turned that box around. What do I find? Nasties like sugar syrup, hydrogenated oil, flavouring and much more. There was no question. I was left with no choice but to create & make my own. Since making my own, I’ve morphed into a homemade granola nut. What do I love about it the most? You would think like an average person. It would be the cost-effectiveness or the healthiness. Hey, these reasons are great, but what I love most about granola is the customizability. I love being creative with granola. Whether that being marrying orange with chocolate or coconut with chia or even chilli with paprika for more savoury granola. My favourite granola recipe has to be my Plantain Granola I’m sharing with you! Those of you who maybe don’t know what a plantain is, they’re a bit like bananas but slightly larger and tend to be eaten in its sweetest state when the skin is yellowy-black. I have been on a bit of a plantain kick lately. I always find such great deals on them (sometimes cheaper than bananas), so I end up buying loads and buy day 2, I get sick of boiling, broiling or baking them that one day I thought, why not create a spin-off on granola, namely plantain-ola? I know banana works well in granola buy giving it body and flavour, so why not try it’s an older cousin? This recipe is crunchy, sweet, simple and makes a great on-the-go snack. It’ll last up to a month (or a day) in a cool, dry place. I love to have it as a snack or with some coconut yogurt. You can eat it plain, add it to ice cream, pour almond milk over it, make it a cereal, or mix it up with some fruit. The possibilities are endless!
Kirbee’s Sweet Potato & Cream WaffleBy BLACK FOODIEFor the Sweet Potato edition of the BLACK FOODIE Battle, Kirbee whipped up a Sweet Potato Waffle that tastes just as amazing as it looks. Try her winning recipe for brunch this week!
Crystal’s Maple Bourbon WingsBy BLACK FOODIEFor the Fried Chicken episode of the BLACK FOODIE Battle, Crystal introduced us to her no-fail Maple Bourbon wings. Try them this weekend with your favourite side!
Watermelon LemonadeBy Idil FarahTry this easy refreshing watermelon lemonade at your next picnic!
Teff Breakfast BowlBy Eden HagosTired of cereal? Want to switch up your oatmeal? Try this Teff bowl instead. Teff is a nutrient packed grain from East Africa, that can be used in baked goods, injera, and more. This Teff grain bowl is versatile and you can add whatever fresh fruits you like on top. The grain has a nutty flavour that pairs perfectly with warm spices, and my personal favourite, pecans.
New Orleans’ Style Bananas FosterBy Chef Ace ChampionBananas Foster is a classic New Orleans dish with a bit of a showmanship quality, plus it’s a fun dessert people can do both at a restaurant and at home. It’s a really simple, but it tastes great and combines classic flavors. The important thing is to reduce the caramel until it’s very thick. Don’t overcook the bananas: once they go in, try to get a little color on the cut side, roll them over, flambé, and serve immediately.
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