Callaloo Collard GreensBy KhadijaThis recipe is my take on Trini callaloo that I created for the Soul Food Remix episode of the BLACK FOODIE Battle. It's a twist on traditional Southern collard greens with a Caribbean kick. If you don't like spicy food, you can leave the scotch bonnet pepper out.
Jerk Tofu Rasta PastaBy Lauren HaynesFor the BLACK FOODIE Battle, I decided to make two vegan staples with a Caribbean flair. Everyone loves pasta, so choosing to make this delicious, creamy pasta with jerk tofu was a no-brainer. This dish ties in comfort food and honours my Jamaican heritage. Jerk seasoning is packed with flavour and a variety of delicious spices! I love jerk tofu because tofu soaks up whatever flavour you introduce it to. The texture can also be manipulated and I just love that! Enjoy!
Vegan Macaroni Pie and BBQ Portobello MushroomsBy Mark MontfortIn Guyana, macaroni pie is a staple dish at Sunday dinners and an easy way to add colour, texture, and flavour to the dinner table. Its aroma is one that instantly makes you hungry when entering the kitchen and its creamy, cheesy texture infused with spices tingle the taste buds and opens the appetite. I decided to pair this macaroni pie with barbecued portobello mushrooms because BBQ goes well with macaroni as the contrast in flavours balances out the meal. It’s a match made in heaven! Welcome to Chef Monty’s Sunday dinner, vegan style.
Plantain Tacos with Fried GumboBy Laurie HernandezI'm Cameroonian, Italian, and Spanish, so I like using produce from the African continent and cook them in a non-traditional way to blend several cultural influences into one dish. That makes it truly my own. This dish is quite representative of my cooking style. When I tried plantain tacos for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy they were to make. As a flexitarian, I also like to experiment with different ways of cooking vegetables. I had cooked tacos with oyster mushrooms, for a more meat-like flavour and texture, but this time around I really wanted to highlight the vegetables and work with different textures. I hope you enjoy this recipe!
TriFongoBy Luis MartinezTriFongo is a legendary cousin of the famous Mofongo. It comes 100% from Puerto Rico's African roots and is a mixture of three kinds of vegetables fried to perfection then mashed with garlic to create an explosion of flavour. We took a few twists and turns to perfect the vegan version of this recipe with the traditional Boricua Sazon! It can be easily paired with your favourite vegetables, mojo, or protein of choice. If you feel adventurous, go ahead and get saucy with it and give it your own take!
Guinness-Braised Chicken Arepas RellenasBy BLACK FOODIEFor the Guinness episode of the BLACK FOODIE Battle, Chef Suzanne Barr flexed her skills to create stuffed arepas. The malty flavour of the Guinness-braised chicken pairs perfectly with the deep Caribbean flavours of the marinade and the spiciness of the Carrot Pepper slaw. Click here to watch the video recipe!
Guinness Glazed-RibsBy BLACK FOODIEThese short ribs are braised with Guinness and then covered in a sticky-sweet Guinness-based BBQ sauce that leaves your taste buds tingling. Don't forget to top these ribs with pickled red onions and habaneros for an extra punch of tangy spice.
Guinness Spice BunsBy BLACK FOODIEFor the Guinness episode of the BLACK FOODIE Battle, cooking instructor Monique Creary whipped up a batch of her spiced buns. The Jamaican cousin of the British hot cross bun, these treats are packed with Guinness-soaked raisins that deliver a punch of depth you don't expect. Pair them with a thick slice of sharp cheddar cheese. Click here to watch the recipe video!
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