Renee’s Trini Menu Must-Haves

Tuna fish puffs Recipe

Heading to a picnic (I’m Trinbagonian so we would faster call this a “lime”) is always an event worth the effort with food. 

It’s about more than just getting together to catch up— it’s about making sure that my friends and I have the ultimate experience with our food. 

My list includes items that are picnic-friendly but that also evoke a sense of community. Eating a bowl of corn soup with your friends while catching up on the latest scoop is a joyful experience in itself, so grab a friend (or three!) and hang out with my picnic contributions.

Saltfish Accra

Accra Main

Trinidad Boiled Corn

Trinidad Boil Corn Recipe 28

Corn Soup

How to make traditional Trinidad Corn Soup

Tuna Fish Puffs

Tuna fish puffs Recipe

Cheese Paste Sandwich Spread

Cheese Paste 4

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