Something to Food About

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When first I heard about Questlove doing a food book I was like “OMG Questlove is doing a cookbook!” My love of food and Hip Hop had finally merged. The stars were aligned, it was finally happening. This, however,  is NOT a cookbook. This is a FOOD book. I learned these are two very different things. And I couldn’t have been more pleased. When Anthony Bourdain is doing the foreword, you know it’s about to get real.

This is a food book about food professionals. Folks that have built their entire lives for the sake of and for the love of food. Quest love travels the  US speaking with chefs and innovators  known and unknown having real conversations. That’s what it is, a conversation book. It’s full of stories of  shared inspirations, innovations, and limitations. The conversations even touch on  race and gender relations. It asks questions like,  why is the food industry white male dominated?  Is there no diversity in the kitchen? We all cook and eat right?!

Something to food about is a sci-fi movie, history lesson, romance novel, and biography all rolled into one book. One that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.  The book begins with Nathan Myhrvold, creator of Modernist Cuisine, breaking down the science of gastronomy, the history of refrigeration, and Vikings eating rotten shark meat that smelled like urine. His intro was AWESOME!

My favorite interview  has to be the one with Dominque Crenn, 2 Michelin star chef of Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, CA. Not only am I DYING to visit her restaurant but I want to be her BFF. No seriously-  this is one badass chick. Oh yeah, she is one of  only two women with two Michelin stars in the country. She’s an artist, and her approach reflects this. She says,  “For me, food is art.  I have a brush in my hand and this brush is a knife”. She understands the emotional connection to food and feeding the people you love. Bringing people together through  a meal. She respects the food, and the story behind the food.

The photography throughout the book was AMAZING!! It was not only fascinating to read, it was visually stunning as well. Right down to the cover- which is food arranged in the likeness of Questlove. It’s so DOPE. I spent several minutes dissecting it, trying to  figure out what was what, and how they got it look that way. Creative genius at it’s best.  Kyoko Hamada the photographer captured beautiful moments, and some of the best food shots I’ve ever seen. I wanted to burn my iPhone, and deactivate my Instagram account for even attempting replicate such things lol.

I definitely recommend this to anyone, who loves food, and food people.

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