Taylor “The Chef” Shows Us #blackgirlmagic is Possible at Any Age!

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Taylor “The Chef” Moxey is a pastry-chef extraordinaire, philanthropist, entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker from Miami, Florida. Known for her delicious cupcakes, cookies, muffins, and cornbread, Moxey has won a plethora of awards, recognitions and competitions, including the KISS County Midtown Miami Cornbread Competition, in which she won first prize. A TedX 2015 Presenter, Moxey even has her own day — ‘Taylor Moxey Day’ —which centers on individuals engaging in community service and civic engagement in their respective communities. Donating her baking proceeds to help dyslexic children and also to the the homeless, Taylor also has a mobile library —called “Taylor’s Mobile Library” —which she started to give youth in the Bahamas access to books because libraries are not readily accessible in the area.

Having worked with and cooked for celebrities such as Cara Hall, co-host of ABC’s popular lifestyle series “The Chew”, Taylor has also baked cupcakes with Chrissy Teigen on Tyra Banks’ panel-talk show the “Fablife” and even has cooked at the home of Miami Heat’s very own, Chris Bosh.

With a new book on the horizon, the word “can’t” is certainly not in Taylor’s vocabulary, as she proves daily that age is nothin’ but a number because Taylor “The Chef” is only 9-years old.



Blackfoodie had the opportunity to chat with the cooking prodigy and learn more about her favorite foods, her upcoming projects and and her new book!

Jaimee Swift: Hey, Taylor the Chef! Thanks for chatting with me. Tell the Blackfoodie community a little about yourself!

Taylor Moxey: I’m 9-years old — I am about to turn 10 in about a month. I have dog named Coco and I love to dance. I like to play with my friends outside on the weekends and I love to bake!

JS: What made you get into cooking? How did you know you wanted to be a chef?

TM: Well, it’s actually a really funny story. I was watching the Food Network with my mom one day — we were actually watching Cupcake Wars. I said to my mom, “Hey, I want to be on Cupcake Wars one day!, and she told me that she knew I would be on there. Then I thought: “Instead of looking at someone bake, why don’t I do it myself?” From then on, I started to bake everything and I haven’t stopped baking since. Now, I am very well-known baker that’s 9-years old, living in Miami, Florida.

JS: What are some of your favorite dishes/recipes to cook?

TM: I like to make salmon and rice with my parents and tacos and chicken. I actually have this thing that I make with my mom and it’s called salmon and rice dish with broccoli. We always make it so good when we make it together! For my dad and I, we usually make tacos and stuff like that — it’s pretty cool.

I really also like to make cupcakes, cake, cornbread, muffins and cookies.

JS: Speaking of cornbread, I read that you won a competition for your amazing cornbread! Can you tell us more about that?

TM: Well, I think that I was about 8-years old, and they were putting up all these flyers for this cornbread competition. So, I saw the flyer and I told my dad that I wanted to do it. Even though I knew if I didn’t win, I knew I’dstill would have fun making cornbread and I would actually get to be at the competition! My parents agreed to it and we went online to find a cornbread recipe and I made the cornbread and I won! I got my first award, and it was a $250 check. It was really cool because I’m a kid and $250 is a lot of money.

JS: Yes! I am much older than you, and $250 is still a lot of money for me, too. That is so amazing! So going into my next question: you are so young, but you are an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a prominent chef.

Who and what inspires you to do all these great things?

TM: My wonderful parents are always so supportive and have always been my best cheerleaders behind what I do. They have always told me I can do anything when I’m stressed out and they always tell me, “Taylor, you can do this.” And I end up winning and doing it in the end! I always get inspired by the Food Network and Chopped. I get really inspired because they actually have a new show called, “Chopped, Junior” and I watch it a lot with my parents and I say hey, “What if I’m on Chopped Junior?”

JS: You are authoring your first book! Tell us more about it.

TM: My book, “The Adventures of Taylor the Chef” is basically a cartoon-biography of kind of what happened to me. It is about a young girl, who wants to be a cook, a chef or a baker, and she has this talking cupcake liner that when she sets it to 350 degrees, it talks and gives her advice. It’s pretty much the story about what happened to me when I started watching the Food Network with my mom, but it is more of a kid-version of how I started to cook.

I think everyone is going to be excited to look at it because you don’t see a lot 9-year olds producing books everyday — usually it’s adults doing that. So, it is cool to be one of many young cooks or young people to produce a book.

JS: Where and how can we buy “The Adventures of Taylor the Chef”?

TM: You can pre-order it on my website at www.taylorthechef.com!

JS: What are some upcoming projects do you have? Future goals?

TM: Well, I am actually going to be a judge on Dessert Wars pretty soon. I am going to be presented the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in Philadelphia. The award is a motivational for me, and I am so excited to be the entrepreneur of the year because I am so young, and to be presented this award is crazy!

I also am inspired by other young chefs out there.

JS: What would you tell a young person who aspires to be a chef like yourself? What advice would you give to them?

TM: I would tell them to follow their dreams. If you have a goal, you should strive to achieve it. Just like I did — I wanted to become a chef, and I am a baker now! So, just follow your dreams and try to achieve your goals and if it works out, you can become a baker. You never know — you could be one of the best bakers or the best chefs in the world! Just follow your dreams and never let anyone put you down because it will get less motivated. You should always try to lift yourself up and say, “I can do this.”


For more information about Taylor “The Chef”,  please visit her website at www.taylorthechef.com





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