The story behind Toronto’s favourite Island drink: Pop’s Punch

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For Toronto based beverage entrepreneur, Andrew, punch is more than just a drink it’s a way of preserving his Jamaican grandfather’s passion and gift of flavour. Today, Andrew is heating up the 6ix’s parties with his special drink collection. We enjoyed his island punch at our last Black Foodie Garnish event. The refreshing flavours kept our guests sipping and lit. So we knew we had to spotlight this brand.


Check out Pop’s punch story below:

What is Pops Punch?

Pop’s Punch is a premium, traditional, authentic caribbean rum punch company that began with my Jamaican Grandfather’s recipe (Red  island fruit Punch) and then followed up by my own recipe (Yellow pineapple mango Punch).

 What inspired you to launch this company?

The inspiration came from many sources. I was born with a entrepreneurial spirit and owned businesses in the past, so when a friend of mine said to ask if they could pay for a batch of the rum punch that we had at our family barbeques, instantly I knew that there was a business behind it. The other source of  inspiration was earlier that year when my father suffered a mild stroke which held him back from working in the field he loved, construction. That was really the icing on the cake when it came to pushing me to begin working on this to help lift his spirits. 

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What sets apart your business from other beverage companies?

Authenticity. My grandfather worked as a chemist for a Jamaican brand soda company many years ago and created the red recipe while putting his work in soda/juice chemistry with the famous caribbean past time, drinking fine rum in the country.


Between this and the great taste of our punches, being unique in our creation always gives us a leading edge from other companies because we were never focused on making a dollar before pleasing those who tasted our drinks, from my grandfathers time  until now.

What’s your favourite flavour?  And what’s your most popular item delivered?

To be honest, I don’t have a particular favorite. It all depends on the day of the week and how im feeling… so today its yellow. The most popular item we deliver for sure is the red punch, its normally the one I use to introduce people to the brand or when I get the question “which one is stronger?” ofcourse, the red.


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What advice would you give to an emerging entrepreneur in the food & beverage space?

Find your own lane and stay in it, avoid from swerving.

Translation: Whatever got you passionate about being in the food and beverage space, or any space for that matter, keep that as your focus and refrain from watching other people and what they do. That could easily cause you to swerve out of your lane. Passion, purpose and perseverance will get you through.

Where can our readers find you?

Instagram: @popspunch


Email: [email protected]

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