This Montreal based online bakery is now shipping tasty rum cakes across the country

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This winter we took a trip to snowy Montreal to visit Bayard Gateaux, an online bakery that creates delicious and beautiful cakes. We got a crash course in how to make tasty Caribbean cakes and what goes on behind the scenes for this popular baker. Frenie, the owner and chief baker has perfected her rum cake recipe and after a taste of the super decadent and flavourful cake we were sold! For Frenie who’s family comes from Haiti,  baked goods were a key part of celebrations growing up. Inspired by her grandmother’s recipes and skills she opened Bayard Gateaux so she could share her love for baking. Check out our interview with her below.


What is Bayard Gateaux? 

Bayard Gateaux is an online cakery that offers rum cakes and pre-designed cakes that you can easily order from the comfort of your home.

The cakes are all made from scratch and the use of smooth swiss meringue buttercream on the cakes gives a nice result: a cake that is not too sweet and makes you want more than one slice.

What inspired you to start this business? 

In 2015 my grandmother passed away . She used to bake a lot for friends and family. She taught me all the basics of cooking and our time in the kitchen is one of the most beautiful memories I have of her . I’ve always wanted to start a baking business but when she passed away i felt like it was the right time to start and continue her legacy.


What’s your favourite cake/flavour  to make?

The rum cakes .  No need for any fancy decorations . You only get to concentrate on baking something with bold flavor plus the smells of rum syrup simmering before being poured on the cake is just amazing!


What sets Bayard Gateaux apart? 

The flavors. A lot of baker preferred the decoration process in making cakes. For us  it’s more about the flavour, baking a cake that is really tasty not too sweet and moist is so satisfying. 

What’s the best part of this business ?

Clients feedback. It is really priceless knowing that your clients were blown away not only by the look but by the taste of your cakes 

What advice would you give to other Black Food entrepreneurs/bakers?

To have more than one mentor  of different backgrounds for each aspect of your life. For example you can have At least someone in the same industry as you , if you are a woman with family this can help finding also another mentor which is a woman with family , plus  having one with the same cultural background that can understand the struggles that you are having .


What’s next? 

Next is to have more cakes and rum cakes  flavors for 2020 and finally offer deliveries all over  Canada. Foodies can reach Frenie at the link below.



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