3 Tips for Enjoying Nigerian Food at Home

3 Tips for Ordering Nigerian Food with BLACK FOODIE

Nigerian food is full of magical and bold flavours, with a beautiful sampling of dishes from the hundreds of ethnic groups across the country.

We spoke with Yvonne Ben of The Kscope to learn more about creating the perfect in-home dining experience with Nigerian cuisine using the SkipTheDishes app. With no hidden service fees, it’s easy to eat authentically without breaking the bank!

Read on for our top three tips for enjoying Nigerian food wherever you are, or watch the video below for all of Yvonne’s tips and tricks on eating like a local.


Tip #1: Make sure you get jollof

Other West African countries may claim it as their own, but no Nigerian culinary experience is complete without jollof. This irresistible rice dish is cooked in a spicy tomato sauce with herbs and fragrant meat stock. Jollof should never stand alone, so order it with a side of chicken and fried plantain for a traditional and hearty meal.

Tip #2:  Add some small chops to your order

Jollof is often referred to as party rice in Nigeria because it’s usually served at celebrations and social gatherings. To get the full party experience, be sure to order small chops, tasty finger foods fried or baked to crispy perfection. Not sure what to order? Get an order of puff puff, the famous fried dough balls made with a sprinkling of powdered sugar.

Tip #3: Try efo riro or egusi for a warming addition to your meal

Nigerian cuisine features a variety of soups and stews that’ll warm your belly and tantalize your taste buds. Try efo riro, a vegetable stew typically made with leafy greens, crayfish and palm oil or egusi, a winning combination of melon seeds, meat, and vegetables. Order a portion of pounded yam or garri to complete the meal and remember that these dishes are usually eaten with your hands so don’t forget to wash up!

Order Nigerian food home with BLACK FOODIE

Once your order arrives, all you need to do is add the sweet sound of Afrobeats to the mix so you can bust a move while the flavours of your feast dance across your palate.

With over 27,000 restaurant partners across Canada, Skip makes it easy to find and try a variety of cuisines in your city. Order some Nigerian food today and start your culinary adventure!

This article and video are presented by SkipTheDishes.

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