Vanilla Chai SmurFait

What’s a smur-fait? Well you’re looking at it! it’s a blue  chia parfait. My roommate who’s holding the parfait in the picture came up with the name smurf parfait pudding; for lack of better name I’m using his suggestion.

Chia pudding are not a secret in the vegan/plant based community, in fact I think its one of the most used super food in smoothies or parfait.  My problem is I don’t like chia pudding. Am I the only one who doesn’t like Chia pudding?  The texture and consistency is just not my favorite…. or so I thought. I accidently woke up one Sunday morning and created this recipe because I believe in multiple chances and different approach to making one recipe. An accidental recipe is now my only favorite version of chia pudding.

Blue Chai tea is a tea company located in Germany who sells organic color changing blue tea for baking, foods, and cocktails. The tea is blue when brewed but turns Pink/ purple when lemon is added.  How amazing does that sound! A natural food dye that changes color when lemon is added. When one of my cyber friend told me I about it I was instantly obsessed, especially when I found out it turns pink. I’m a sucker for anything pink.

Don’t forget to let me know when your try this recipe or the tea.

Vanilla Chai Smur-fait Recipe


1 cup Vanilla Almond Milk

1 tsp. Maple Syrup

1tbsp of blue chai tealeaf

1tsp vanilla extract

3 tsp. chia seeds

2 tbsp. plant based vanilla yogurt

Granola of choice (I’m using my homemade coconut Pecan Pie Granola)

Handful of berries or fruit of choice

  1. In a small pot, pour the milk and add the tea. Stir it until the milk is hot and changing color.  Set aside until it’s completely cooled.
  2. Strain the milk to get ride of the loose tealeaf. Add the maple syrup and vanilla extract
  3. Add the chia seeds to the milk mixture and refrigerate it for half an hour or more.
  4. Once the seeds are completely soaked you’re ready to assemble you’re parfait.
  5. Start by adding the yogurt in a cup or Mason jar. Add your chia pudding, then the granola, more yogurt, and finally the fruits.
  6. Voila, Enjoy!

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