Zoe’s Lusciously Delicious Ghanaian Aboboi

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Our latest takeover took us to Zoe Adjonyoh’s kitchen in the UK, where she shared her spin on the beloved Ghanaian dish Aboboi

Often served with tatale, spiced fried plantain pancakes, Aboboi is a rich and creamy stew made with Bambara beans. Although it resembles its cousin, the chickpea, the Bambara bean has a distinct nutty and earthy taste. This popular legume in Ghana is highly nutritious and, when boiled and slightly mashed (like in Zoe’s recipe), makes for a lovely, comforting dish to be enjoyed on a slow Sunday afternoon.

A few of the recipe's ingredients laid out on a wooden table: one red bell pepper, two Romano peppers, two Rocket chillies, a cup of lardon, two overripe plantain, two small red onions, a bunch of fresh thyme, a container of dried bambara beans, and a bulb of garlic. By the ingredients is Zoe's cook book laid opened.

As Zoe shared in her takeover, her recipe came from her “Aunty” Cynthia, an elder stateswoman who worked in her restaurant, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen in Brixton and added her own special ingredient to the dish. Thanks to Aunty Cynthia, the roasted red pepper flavours are now an integral part of the recipe. This modern twist adds a nice vibrant colour and a nice creamy depth to the dish.

If you’re someone who believes that everything’s better with bacon, this recipe is for you too! Zoe garnishes her Aboboi with bits of lardon, which builds savoury, meaty that pair delightfully with the dish’s creaminess.

A bowl of Aboboi on a wooden table.

Now that we’ve gotten taste buds going, go on and try Zoe’s recipe for yourself here.

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